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Faubourg Interiors

Christophe Veneski, Faubourg Intérieurs, décorateur à Bordeaux et Arcachon

Child of the mountains of Auvergne, I traveled down the roads of France for 25 years representing various decoration brands including habitat for furniture, Style de France for crafts and Manuel Canovas for textile.

Once I gained lot of experience and after I successfully completed a state diploma of “Interior Decorator & Strategic Design of Spaces” in Paris, I have decided to leave my suitcases in Aquitaine and give life to the Faubourg Intérieurs agency.

I am also a certified professional teacher in interior design, qualified to practice in schools.


Christophe Veneski, Faubourg Intérieurs, décorateur à Bordeaux et sur le bassin d'Arcachon

The signature of Faubourg Intérieurs :

The association of iconic objects, a subtle blend of styles and materials, raw or noble, faithful to the French art de vivre. Textile expertise. The clever combination of modern and antique furniture (maybe received as inheritance), unusual objects or original pieces and memorabilia.

We must be able to reflect our own personality in the history of the place we live in.


The advantages of Faubourg Intérieurs :

Constant accuracy, timeless style, a keen eye on trends without indulging in decorative clichés, full attention to details and an extensive address book of suppliers that will allow us to submit a wide range of solutions.

Logo Faubourg Intérieurs - Architecte intérieur Bordeaux
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